Our Production

We produce about 800-1000 t/year or approx. 5,000,000 m2 of fabric with - also due to the needs of fashion - less and less fabric needed per piece. This equals around 40-50,000,000 km of yarn.

Due to the very modern and flexible machine park, large quantities can also be processed at short notice. With machine partitions up to E50 and electronic jacquard selection in the single-surface, double-surface and plush area, infinitely many technical possibilities exist. Endless-stripe machinery or floats expand the possibilities. Yarns are stored at the factory or are available on short notice from our high-quality suppliers. The well developed textile infrastructure offers qualified personnel, good material availability and, if needed, technical service available at short notice. Through our partnership with several processing specialists, we can meet technically varied desires and requirements at the standard needed.