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circular knitting machine for superfine Jacquard-qualities developed


worldwide  - first Single-Jacquard machine in gauge 44  

Together with the knitting machine producer Beck GmbH ( from Albstadt, specialized in superfine circular knitting machines, Händel + Diller knitting company ( from Balingen, specialized in superfine circular knitting fabrics, has worked since 2007 on the idea to develop an innovative circular knitting machine for superfine Jacquard qualities. In the meantime, development is completed and different qualities have already been produced.  With this kind of machines, which are available for no other fabric manufacturer so far, high-classed and technical materials are produced, which have not yet existed in this way. Besides high gauge basic qualities, Händel + Diller GmbH produces Jacquards since years. As there wasn’t a corresponding technique to route and control the needles available for the machine constructers, compared to the knowledge and techniques on the market for always finer uni knitting machines, Jacquards could only be realized upon gauge E36, which was hitherto the finest Jacquard product.  Also a suitable control and the thereto required loop-forming elements (needls and hooks) have been developed in advance by specialized manufacturers (Groz-Beckert KG, Albstadt, Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbH Schramberg und Memminger-Iro Dornstetten) only for this project, which also is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics.    The design of patterns, made by the CAD system and the new developed CNC controls, made for this fine gauge with Piezoaktorik, offered new possibilities in view to the quality and efficiency of the production of circular knitted Jacquards.   By the use of new superfine materials and the production procedure in total, new ways in the use of those fabrics can be managed. The ultra fine Jacquards have therefore a relatively low weight and  almost well balanced length- and crosswise elongation (bi-elasticity), like it is known  as “second skin” in the sector of plain fabrics.  The launch of this procedure and the new fabrics constitute for the Swabian producer of knitted fabrics in view to the processing fineness, way of processing, functionality and the possible combination of different yarns a notable improvement upon the competence in this sector. The analysis capability, the systematic and methodical procedure are enlarged by the project with sophisticated output parameters. The R&D potential increased again by the launch in this new procedure.   


Picture from left: project partner Helmut Diller general manager of Händel + Diller GmbH, Richard Riedlinger R&D manager of Beck GmbH