Händel + Diller  knitting company

The foundations of our success are innovative and creative products, a clear market- and customer-orientation, teamwork with commitment and, above all, quality consciousness.
We are proud of this.

For the company, founded as a knitting jobber by Helmut Diller Senior in a garage in Balingen-Frommern in 1962, meanwhile provides the fabric from which new collections are created by designers in all European fashion centres. Heinz Händel joined the knitting jobber as a partner about 10 years after it was founded, and our company received the name:
Händel + Diller Maschenstoffe GmbH. An inter-regional sales organisation was built up.

Händel + Diller Today

The company is managed by Helmut Diller in second generation. Due to its international orientation, the name was changed to Händel + Diller knitting company at the end of 2006. On 60-70 large diameter rib circular knitting machines, we produce around 800-1000 tons per year of fabric for leading manufacturers of day- and nightwear, homewear and shirtwear.

We are there for you

We are competent, reliable, and interested in your suggestions and ideas. You as customer are the focus of our thinking and acting. This commitment emphasises that we consistently orient ourselves on the requirements of the market regarding products, performance, price, quality and service. To do this, we put a lot of innovation and flexibility on the scale. A cooperative management culture, flat hierarchies and short decision paths today have made the Händel + Diller knitting company an unbeatable partner.